Occurring Animal Species

The relatively high proportion of nutrient-poor lakes by Central European standards, as well as the presence of numerous bogs, marshes and fractures in close interlocking with forest and grassland areas, is the reason for the occurrence of many animal species.
The lakes and watercourses are home to around 30 fish species and are of great importance for otters and amphibians as well as for numerous bird species (including white-tailed eagle, crane, bittern, goosander, goldeneye, great reed warbler). The lakes are also of outstanding importance for resting and wintering water birds.

The partly extensive reed and forest complexes are home to a remarkable invertebrate population. Highly endangered moth species live here, as do rare ground beetle species, wood-dwelling (xylobiont) beetles and molluscs worthy of protection. Numerous small water bodies are of outstanding importance for amphibians and dragonflies. The bog areas are habitats for numerous spider and insect species. Field copses, individual trees and avenues are important stepping stones and guidelines for bats, small mammals and amphibians. Warm, dry sites provide habitats for rare spiders, grasshoppers, ground beetles and butterflies. 

You will find further information on selected animal species in the Biosphere Reserve under the listed points.